A Ghanaian Scammer who is known as Big Boy Who Frauds Over 30 U.S Women Of $2.1 Million


A Ghanaian man situated in the US has been accused for scamming in excess of 30 ladies out of $2.1m by acting like a soldier on dating sites.

Rubbin Sarpong, 35, a Ghanaian resident with US residency was captured on Wednesday (Sept.4) and accused of intrigue to submit misrepresentation.

As indicated by a report by New York Post reports, Sarpong would persuade his unfortunate casualties to send him cash by promising them bars of gold from the Middle East consequently.

Him and a group of plotters, who for the most part live in Ghana, purportedly defrauded more than 30 ladies from Jan. 2016 through Sept. 2019.

Investigators are utilizing web-based social networking posts of Sarpong, 35, gloating about his riches. He was constantly partial to posting photos of himself with a lot of money, top of the line vehicles, and costly gems.

Altogether, he purportedly got $823,386 from the aggregate of $2.1 million him and his group got from the people in question.

Sarpong and his group allegedly utilized a “heap email records and Voice Over Internet convention telephone numbers.” Victims wired cash legitimately to Sarpong and his backstabber’s financial balances, while others would even send him checks through the post.

“Incidentally, unfortunate casualties additionally sent individual checks as well as clerk’s checks to the schemers and furthermore moved cash to the plotters by means of cash move administrations, for example, Western Union and MoneyGram,” Department of Justice authorities said. “The assets were not utilized for the reasons guaranteed by the schemers—that is, to ship non-existent gold bars to the United States—however were rather pulled back in real money, wired to other household ledgers, and wired to different backstabbers in Ghana.”

The New York Times reports that one of his unfortunate casualties killed herself after Sarpong neglected to appear at the Baltimore air terminal he guaranteed he would. He disclosed to her that he was a United States warrior positioned abroad and would bring her “two trunks with ‘family treasure'” from Syria worth $12 million.

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