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American rapper Logic joins SilasSilas today on yet another song titled These Days. At this point, we don’t need an introduction to Logic. We have heard he’s a lyricist.

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Logic is one of the most divisive artists of this generation. He became a meme through his constant reminders that, yes, he’s biracial, and when it comes to his music, his haters have branded him as “corny.”

Despite all the negativity, Bobby Boy has kept his head on straight, working on so much in these last few years.

About Silas These Days Mp3

He’s released a novel, started working on television shows and films, released a few albums, and changed the name of his record label.

With BobbyBoy Records now operating fully, Logic decided to show us all one of his favourite new rappers, dropping a single with Silas.

“These Days” is officially out after the duo teased it this weekend. The song is filled with quick-paced bars from both artists with Logic only coming in for the final verse.

Silas borrows inspiration from Drake and Future’s flows on their hit single “Jumpman” while Logic goes for more of a Kid Cudi-based approach.

Quotable Lyrics Of Silas These Days FT Logic Mp3

25 million, need a new challenge
Up late night, met The Roots on Fallon

Everybody wonder why the boy stay wildin’
Never give a damn, no I never give a damn
I’m the man with the plan, yeah, you know who I am

Walk up in it and everybody know who I am
Now they wanna show love, now they wanna be fam

But I told you in the beginning I never give a damn
Money so tall I’ma need a rubber band

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