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Lil Wayne Mind Right Mp3 (Freestyle)




Download Lil Wayne Mind Right Mp3 ( Freestyle) here on celegacy. American porpular blazing  rapper “Lil Wayne” Drops his Freestyle this morning.

Lil Wayne Mind Right Mp3

Lil Wayne mind right

Download Lil Wayne Mind Right Mp3 Freestyle

Reports suggest that the album’s release could coincide with Wayne’s upcoming joint tour with Blink-182 which kicks off June 27 in Columbus, Ohio.

Quotable Lyrics Of Lil Wayne Mind Right Mp3

Verse: Lil Wayne]
Get my mind right
Money white

Hustle right
Fuck her right
.. Fuck it right

And Fuck them pussy niggas I’ll see ‘em in another life
Woo! May my tombstone read what a life

Pussy ass nigga say he thuggin’ he a fuckin’ lie
Tell him I say its a wrap like it’s mummified

Hustle for a hundred days a hundred nights
Run it right
Runnin’ lights
Duckin’ lights

There he go, cut the lights
Try to spare these niggas but I put ’em on fuckin’ strike

Got these niggas scrambling, and we sunny side
Come at me sideways I ride three six five days
Hot as a latte, picante, an entrée

I am the fucking best man for the job
These niggas bridesmaids, I leave niggas sideways
And I don’t want to hear it to me it’s just (?)

I need my money on dalé on dalé
I got my mind right I got my mind made

But how come the early bird acting like I’m late
.. I’m ready for war
Money right
Hustle white

Fuckin’ right

Whippin’ white all night ’til a nigga knuckle white
Smoke a pound drunk a pint, another pint, another pint

Fuck your life L-O-L bullet shell, bloody knife
Body parts, babies crying, bitches running, bells ringing

Had to leave my heavenly bitch for a hell’s angel, Lord
I l-l-licked the pussy ’til I got my L’s tangled
I take CMB off the YM, I’m just spell checkin’

Yeah, I know a nigga named Rodney King
Get along with him and not with me
‘Cause I’m on the edge and I’m ’bout to leave

Gun to his head make him count to three
One, two, three

She gave me head she forgot to breathe
Straight from the bed to the shower scene
Straight from the store to the block nigga

I do numbers you can count on me
Remember when I didn’t have a pot to pee
Now I look like I done hit the lottery

Lil Wayne Mind Right freestyle mp3

Went from poverty to property
Make a mockery of a shopping spree

These niggas ain’t cold they ain’t hot to me

They think they like me but they not to me
Wait let me put my binoculars on

You fake as fuck as far as I can see
My eyes red as fuck look like a eye disease
I let that yopper squeeze, I sat down with me

And then I told myself, look before you kill somebody leave

Download Lil Wayne Mind Right Mp3

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