Photos : Super Brilliant Cashier With High Retentive Memory Memorizes 1,300 Credit Cards And Goes On Shopping Spree


A cashier with a photographic memory has been captured for remembering 1,300 credit cards and going on a shopping binge.

Yusuke Taniguchi, 34, who was as of late captured, carried out the wrongdoing while he was working at a shopping center in Koto City in Tokyo.

Japan Today reports that Taniguchi utilized the credit card data to fund his essential everyday costs and buy extravagance things on the web.

Police were warned after Taniguchi obtained a costly pair of shoulder packs totaling over $2,500, and had the sacks conveyed to his condo

As indicated by Police, at whatever point a client would pay with credit card, the suspect supposedly remembered their 16-digit-number, name, expiry date, and security code, all in the time it took to process their buy.

During an inquiry at his condo , Police said they found a scratch pad containing the many names and numbers and are at present connecting them to past episodes to decide the extent of his supposed wrongdoings.

It was likewise announced that Mr. Yusuke was utilizing an obvious eidetic memory frequently called a “photographic memory” to retain individuals’ data on their credit cards.

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